What is Test Automation?

Test Automation is the process of using custom tools to “quality assurance” (QA) software automatically. The tools run multiple, sometimes hundreds, of tests simultaneously to verify if your application is working as expected and find any glitches, performance or security issues.
Nowadays, the increasing number of platforms (iOS, Androids, Windows), devices (mobile, tablets, watch), and screen sizes create software compatibility challenges and force businesses to tailor their software accordingly. From a business standpoint, it’s crucial to ensure that your application runs smoothly on every platform to prevent bad user-experience or even customer loss.

Unfortunately, product’s complexity makes the testing process time-consuming, and the need for test automation tools becomes invaluable.

Those tools focus on software functionality, security, accessibility and user experience, among others. Test automation also helps shipping software faster and with fewer glitches. Using frameworks such as Appium, Calabash, Selendroid or even emulators and simulators is common during mobile and web testing strategies.

A good automation test is highly flexible, dynamic, and can algorithmically prioritize test execution. For example, a test must handle advanced technology such as barcode, audio feature, GPS, TouchID, Captcha, tables, face-recognition, keyboard shortcuts and more.

At CodeAttest, our automation testing approach goes as follows:

Selecting or building the automation tools

Establishing automation goals

Developing, configuring, deploying test

Running group test

Updating, improving, recalibrating tests

We have vast experience using custom made testing automation that can cover all industries.
No challenge is too big or too complex.

Test Automation Benefits

Glitches and bugs affect user-experience, put a strain on customer support, affect retention and ultimately business bottom-line. Test automation identifies the cause of performance problems early and before users find them.

Test automation also reduces deployment delays, especially when your application has to pass platform specifics guidelines (Apple Store, Android Store).

Not using test automation tools can indeed have costly consequences for your business. For
example, missing bugs or architectural flaws cost 30 times more than if you detect them early on. Spotting code flaws late in the development stage often requires a complete product rewrite. That’s why starting test automation at an early stage is a huge game-changer.

Having a good user experience and a product bug-free early-on prove to your customers that your software is trustworthy. A product is successful only when customers have confidence in it.

Additionally, when your software is secure, you retain and gain new customers. People are always ready to pay for a quality product they can trust.

Test Automation also helps you deliver your product to market up to 80% faster. By testing performance and your structure as you go, product deployment and integration become fluid.

At CodeAttest

Test Automation necessitates a dedicated team by itself. To be done right, the level of knowledge and resources required is non-negligible.

At CodeAttest, we’ll install, configure and build custom test automation tools for your business, so you can keep on scaling your business. Our expertise and industry knowledge guarantee you that you’ll benefit from a better product, less development delay, less downtime, better user experience and, in the end, more revenue.

Here are a few variables that we test:

  • Time to perform a transaction;
  • Performance of your database index;
  • The CPU load;
  • The memory pressure;
  • Battery utilization;
  • Data packets received and sent
  • Application stability on web and mobile
By making reports of those tests, we can rapidly find the cause of a performance issue, a code or structure flaw.

Other essential tests involve the graphical user interface (UI). With modern web and mobile applications, it’s crucial to test every page component automatically. Given the massive number of possible interactions with a product, it's tough to assure quality assurance in every part of an application rapidly. Detecting every performance issue or flaw is an impossible task.

Rather than waiting for users to fill support tickets or abandon your product altogether, businesses would benefit by installing test automation tools early on. It helps to have a friendly user experience and impressive UI as soon as an update, integration, or product goes into production. It will also save immense pressure on your team and your business bottom line.

Of course, handling these challenges help to have a friendly user experience and impressive UI/UX as soon as your product, update, the integration goes into production.

If your team need to ship a product or an update fast, or simply to improve your development process, get in touch with us.

If your team need to ship a product or an update fast, or simply to improve your development process, get in touch with us.