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Intelligent Monitoring Software

Dynatrace is a monitoring software that gives insights into your front-end, back-end infrastructure using advanced artificial Intelligence.

From code-level to cloud infrastructure, Dynatrace detects and diagnoses flaws, response time, and product availability issues that affect a product’s customer experience.

Our artificial intelligence identifies your application stack, dependencies, transactions and infrastructure (Could, Hybrid, Multi-Cloud) with granular accuracy. Businesses can see customers’ complaints in real-time and fix problems without manual configuration.

Built for business of any size or scales, Dynatrace prevent problems before users see them, improve customer experience and eliminate time-consuming manual configuration.

Stop spending time with manual monitoring and focus on scaling your business.

  • Provide comprehensive insights into responses times, threading and database calls;
  • No manual configuration
  • Auto-Discovery for dynamic environment
  • Fix performance issue before they affect customers

Advanced AIs

Artificial intelligence ingests operations data to detect and fix issues without manual work.

Usual monitoring platforms use machine learning – which can only infer a possible root cause.

Dynatrace AI can analyze trillions of events and dependencies per day and spot issues precisely to their individuals' code lines. No guessing game and loss of time.

You can fix problems before the customer experience gets affected and focus on business operations instead.

Additionally, Dynatrace assumes dynamic cloud environments. Its auto-discovery feature detects any changing environments (i.e. dynamic Kubernetes) in real-time. All this with zero manual configuration.

Dynatrace also uses contextual information in its artificial intelligence automation. Metrics, logs, traces and UX components are part of the AI process, allowing an unmatched level of observability.

For more precision, our APIs enable ingesting external data source from CI/CD pipeline, cloud platforms or service management tools.

Collaboration, Team Efficiency

Dynatrace automates your CI/CD pipeline and improves your product quality. By combining multiple team functions under the hood, Dynatrace eliminates the compartmentalized and communication problem with a single source of truth.

A common pitfall in an IT organization is an engineering team that doesn’t know what is happening in every department. This situation creates confusion, repetitive task, loss of time, loss of money, and much more.

Therefore, businesses invest more and more in collaboration tools to allow the team to communicate seamlessly and consistently across departments. With Dynatrace, your teams can log necessary development steps such as”Problem opening”, “Incident created”, “Remediation
started”, “Remediation complete”, “Problem closes” and publish it through their relevant communication software (Slack, Teams, etc.).

An optimized communication process improves your development cycle and the quality of the production code. Try Dynatrace and see for yourself.

Monitor User-Experience

Tracking your user-experience gives you direct access to how your customer interacts with your product. You obtain valuable information to improve your product and, in the end, retain your customer.

On all the tools that exist on the market, video remains the most reliable source of information. With Dynatrace, you can replay every customer session via video and precisely understand what’s right and wrong. You can quickly relay the video to the rest of the organization and provide tangible direction on what they should work.

Dynatrace also offers a cross channel experience for mobile software that monitors multiple customer segments, third-party segment, and cloud stack. More than ever, you’ll be able to develop and innovate faster on mobile.

Automated Dev OPS

Optimizing the delivery of your software is a constant preoccupation and time-consuming task. To avoid headaches and money wasted, Dynatrace automatically optimized your Ci/CD pipelines.

AI-assisted and SLI/SLO-based quality gates take charge of your validation process so that you don’t have to. Your CI/CD workflow is also seamlessly integrated with events, tags, or API to deploy your software faster and efficiently.

Dynatrace also has an intelligent problem identification feature to identify precisely
deployment changes causing issues. You eliminate a long triage process, solve problems way faster, and increases operational efficiency by a long shot.

Dynatrace has also enabled automated feedback, canary or blue/green deployment rollback, and problematic flag toggling. The goal is to inform the right team with the correct information and systematically build a remediation workflow using ITSM solutions.

Improve Code Quality

Dynatrace provides instant feedback on software performance to your engineers during all the development life-cycle. A rapid feedback loop provides priceless flexibility, performance, and scalability to your team, and therefore immediately improves your product. Your team can reassess, remediate, and code quality software before it goes to production.

Increase developer productivity

A development team’ productivity significantly elevates if they work in an optimal development environment. Dynatrace automatically monitors software performance with DevOps tools such as Atlassian’s DevOps suite, Jenkins, Git, Junit, and JMeter. With better collaboration and automation tools, innovations are also continuous, and your business can scale faster.

Start fixing problems and stop looking for them.