Maintain a High-Quality User Experience

Application performance monitoring (APM) tools guarantee that your software meets performance standards with a high-quality user experience.
APMs give product teams the data they need to predict performance declines, product glitches, user-flow defects and allow them to manage resource budget effectively.

For example, APMs provides a thorough analysis of your software performance by monitoring at all time page load time, geographic product availability, CPU utilization, data consumption and error rates.

It’s no secret that if you want to keep your users happy, product performance must be high-grade. Monitoring tools assist you in doing just that.

Solve Problems Faster

APMs gives you access to essential metrics, such as the number of requests and errors.

You can then visualize what is happening in real-time and allocate your software resource accordingly. Analyzing metrics give you the ability to get notifications and alerts when a problem arises.

Collecting traces is also another benefit. Traces allow you to see requests from the user’s point of view. This level of visibility enables you to locate where the problem is instead of merely knowing a problem exists.

Another challenge is to manage a gigantesque log’s volume. Logs are detailed sets of events of what’s happened in your application. Finding a problem’s origin without APMs is almost impossible.

With modern APM applications, software teams can resolve issues faster, receive better customer feedback and spend less on software maintenance.

Reduce Overhead and Maintenance Cost

Managing a dedicated APMs team all year round is time-consuming and expensive.

At CodeAttest, we offer Application Monitoring 24/7 to businesses of all sizes. Our in-house engineer set up, install and maintain the infrastructure necessary for your business to benefits from APMs.

We reduce your overhead, provide overnight alerts and troubleshooting, timely alerts and regular reports to keep you up to speed. Whenever a performance problem arises, CodeAttest will promptly help you prioritize critical issues from less critical, optimizing all the way your resource allocation.

Our commitment is to make sure your product and user-experience are of the highest quality while decreasing your maintenance cost. We have the expertise and knowledge to face any technical challenge, industry specifics requirement and customer support framework.